Pia Relations is a dedicated partner to Salesforce. The team in Pia has a lot of experience and expertise in other CRM. However, we have decided that the best tool out there and that we think covers best practice of CRM. Is Salesforce.

We are super happy to be partner to salesforce and can't wait to grow together with them. To help our customers achieve the impossible, while we customize and adapt the CRM for customer need and customer success.

PIA + Salesforce = <3

Our customer rated us of a total of 8.93! And we just became official partners to Salesforce.

Salesforce Partner Badge

Contact us for customized quotation or buy PAAS (project as a service).

If you want our help, we have streamlined some ongoing project models that we have. A predetermined cost every month, with predetermined results accordingly. This packages suits SMB and Medium Sized company, depending on demand and specifications of course. Our thought is that everyone should afford getting expert help of their system. If your are a larger company, we recommend contacting us directly and we can make a customized on going project to increase user performance and efficiency in your CRM.

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