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PIA have expertise knowledge of Salesforce, Hubspot, Panda Security and Sophos. We have both PaaS(Project As A Service) and SaaS(Security As A Service). By PaaS we dedicate one full time consultant that work part time on your project. Depending on how you want our resource dedicated to you, it can be all from once a week to several days a week.

Join our other satisfied customers, and reach out to us today in the field you need extra assistance with.

IT Security - We secure your IT

We have put together multiple different IT security packages and support agreements for you to choose from. This so that you can feel that you are getting a satisfying deal which you feel secure with.


We will always be transparent with pros and cons of each of the packages and agreements. So if you have any thoughts, questions or considerations regarding which package might be most suitable for your IT environment. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

CRM - Sell more

Pia Relations is a dedicated partner to Salesforce with a satisfaction rating of 8.93 / 10. We are super happy to be partner to salesforce and can't wait to grow together with them. To help our customers achieve the impossible, while we customize and adapt the CRM for customer need and customer success.

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