Co-owner & Salesforce Consultant - Sebastian Gidlöf

Working a lot with Saleforce on a daily basis for some of our bigger clients. Sebastian loves new projects and is an excellent person when you need something structured and executed without missing the small details.

Co-owner & CRM Consultant - Henrik Singmanee

CRM & Inbound Certified Consultant - Henrik has a background in GDPR & IT Security. With that background, Henrik is spending most of his time educating new staff members and operating our new office in Thailand.

Co-owner & Salesforce Consultant - Jesper Sörman

Excellent example of a person who will go in, execute and deliver a project no matter how impossible it may seem. Jesper is one of our most popular consultants, maybe because of how fun he is to be around!

Inbound & Salesforce Consultant - Clara Sörvåg

Smart, funny and well educated. Not only is Clara certified in various fields like Inbound Marketing but she is also a perfect strategy & detail oriented person. She is diverse, but still a specialist in many fields. Clara is currently enjoying her parental leave.

Inbound Marketing - Fabienne Winkel

Inbound certified and with an University education in change management, Fabienne really makes a perfect extension to a marketing team. She is well organized and has an eye for detail.

Account Manager - Lars Sandström

Sales certified and a very driven person, experience as a sales associate, he is a great addition to our team. He has strong communication skills and he likes to think along with you.

IT Security Consultant - Rasmus Sörman

As a former Antivirus technician at a larger Antivirus firm, he has extended his expertise to the cloud enviornments. Which gives him the ability to secure an IT organization & making it GDPR compliant from endpoint to cloud.